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At Car Zone, we are driven by a passionate and visionary leadership team dedicated to delivering the best in imported and locally assembled cars under one roof. Meet the individuals who steer our ship towards excellence:

Khurrum Sharif – Chairman, Car Zone

As our Chairman, Mr. Khurrum Sharif brings to Car Zone a wealth of experience and an unshakeable commitment to redefining the automotive industry in Pakistan. His deep-rooted passion for automobiles, combined with a visionary perspective, has set Car Zone on a path to success. Mr. Khurrum’s unwavering dedication to providing our customers with a diverse range of high-quality cars is the driving force behind our mission.

Amir Sharif – CEO, Car Zone Lahore

Respectfully introducing Aamir Sharif, the visionary CEO of Car Zone Lahore, with a remarkable 18-year journey in the automotive industry. A true connoisseur of cars, Aamir has been consistently delivering top-quality new and used vehicles to fellow car enthusiasts. His extensive experience has not only honed his understanding of the automotive market but has also fueled his passion for delivering the finest automobiles. Under his guidance, Car Zone has emerged as a trusted name, offering a range of exceptional vehicles, whether you’re in the market for a brand-new ride or a meticulously maintained used gem. Aamir’s dedication to providing the best in the business is the driving force behind Car Zone’s success.

Meet Our Tech Wizards

Hamza Safdar – Shaping Our Digital World


Meet Hamza Safdar, the virtuoso sculptor of Car Zone’s digital landscape. As our web development maestro, Hamza is driven by a profound passion for creating web applications that are not only stylish but also user-friendly. He thrives on bringing innovative ideas to life with ingenious solutions and is constantly on the lookout for new skills and tools to elevate the digital experience.

At Car Zone, Hamza Safdar is the architect of our online presence, ensuring that it stands as a beacon of excellence in the digital realm.

Haris Guraya – Crafting Our Digital Brilliance

Introducing Haris Guraya, the visionary artist responsible for shaping Car Zone’s digital brilliance. As our digital content specialist, Haris curates and enhances every digital facet, from captivating images to compelling videos. He understands the power of visual storytelling and is committed to ensuring that every digital asset reflects Car Zone’s commitment to excellence.

With Haris Guraya on board, Car Zone’s online presence shines as a testament to the artistry of the digital age.



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Meet our Sales Executive and Sales Representatives

Car Zone, established in 2002, is one of the most reputable automobile sales and purchase company in Pakistan. For over 18 years now, we have been supplying our clients with quality second-hand japanese and local vehicles at competitive prices. At present, our stock consists of about 200 vehicles. Car Zone has been importing high-quality new, used, and reconditioned vehicles, on Customer Demand. As one of the most experienced automobile dealers in Pakistan, we have established a good reputation with our customers for supplying consistently high-quality Japanese and local vehicles.
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